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This is such a beautiful and affordable gift! Gentle exfoliation in two of our top sellers, beautifully wrapped and ready for you to gift. All you need to do is add your personal note, and maybe a ribbon on top. So simple and yet so luxurious.

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You will receive one of our cleansing charcoal bars, which can be used on your face, as well as a small bar of the new all-natural charcoal basic bar, scented with Lavender and Cedarwood! They come wrapped in festive holiday paper and eco-friendly packaging, simple and beautiful.

You can see the option of a single bar in the box as well; any bar of soap you order has the option of adding a gift box. Just find the soap you want and check the box for “Gift Box” before you put your soap in the cart.

Here are the ingredients for both soaps:

Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, sustainably-sourced palm oil, goat milk, sodium hydroxide (lye), avocado oil, castor oil, sodium lactate, green tea, jojoba oil, argan oil, essential oils of Egyptian Geranium, Tea Tree, and Juniper, activated charcoal, aloe vera, kaolin clay, kelp powder

Charcoal Basic
Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, goat milk, palm oil, sodium hydroxide, Essential oils of Lavender and Cedarwood, rice bran oil, castor oil, activated charcoal, sodium lactate

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