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Handcrafted Artisan Goat Milk Soap

Raw goat milk is wonderfully moisturizing and can benefit those with dry and sensitive skin.
Give our soap a try and experience it for yourself!

Hello! My name is Christine.

Welcome to Burlap & Lace Soap Company! This business is such a blessing to our family and we are so glad you want to know more about us. Here at Burlap & Lace Soap Company, we strive to create natural and beautiful soaps, shampoo, facial bars, and scrubs that will not only be easy on your skin, but also will brighten up your bathroom. Our products are made from goat milk and 100% natural. We raise all of the goats on our own ranch which helps us control and maintain their high level of quality.

Our Products
“G.O.A.T” Gift Boxes
are now available!

Nothing lasts forever, and sadly this is true of our soap after regular use. To solve this issue, we’ve made it easy to for you to get a fresh, unique box at whatever frequency you happen to use them up (nobody has ever been judged for being too clean).

Whether you want to try your first box, give a gift to a special someone, or are already a satisfied customer who wants a new box every month with no hassle, we can oblige.


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