Christine Bauer with Her GoatsAbout The Burlap & Lace Soap Company!

This business is such a blessing to our family and we are so glad you want to know more about us.

We moved to our little farm with the idea of trying all kinds of things to see how we could earn a living with it…

I was excited to get goats, but nervous about milking them. We finally had our first goat kids on Christmas Eve 2017, and I was so excited about the babies. Everyone had to pressure me to start milking, including my neighbor who couldn’t wait to milk her own goats, lol!

We started milking and I made yogurt and cheese at first. The yogurt was great! But when it came to the goat cheese, I just couldn’t get it right. There are lots of recipes and methods online, but the ones I tried just didn’t work so well for me and we ended up with a lot of cheese no one wanted to eat.

My neighbor really wanted to make goat milk based soap, so we started off doing that together, just using recipes we found online.

I had a few flops, but figured out the problems thanks to articles and videos from experienced soap makers. By April I had so much soap lying around I though I should sell some to make some money back for all the ingredients I had purchased. It was a small amount of soap, but I sold out in 11 days, which was totally unexpected. Because of that, I decided to come up with a business name and forge ahead!

Since then, this company has continued to grow. It makes my day when I hear that my soap has somehow helped someone. Here at Burlap & Lace Soap Company, we strive to create natural and beautiful goat soaps that will not only be easy on your skin, but brighten up your bathroom. If you have an allergy, chances are that we have something you can use.

We believe we make the “G.O.A.T” (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) goat soap and we can’t wait for you to try it! Start shopping for goat soap today.

Let us know if you have any questions!